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    Storage & Craning

    We hire in a 50 tonne crane to lift out all the boats for winter storage this is normally done over one day. Smaller boat up to a tonne in weight and up to 21ft we can lift out of the water using our on site lifter.
    During the winter months we offer a hard surface storage area in the far side of our car park for boat, trailer and cradle storage.  It will be securely fenced off from the car park side and you will have access to the secure gate.

    Our lifting date is leaving (Still to be arranged)  the storage will be around 21 weeks over the winter

    Craning Charges starting from £55 each way

    Storage changes 0.40 per foot per week

    Winter storage prices 2015/16 for 21 weeks

    Boat length Price for winter Boat length Price for winter
    12 100.8 22 184.8
    13 109.2 23 193.2
    14 117.6 24 201.6
    15 126 25 210
    16 134.4 26 218.4
    17 142.8 27 226.8
    18 151.2 28 235.2
    19 159.6 29 243.6
    20 168 30 252
    21 176.4 31 260.4

    All prices on this page are inclusive of VAT

    Dinghy/Kayak Park
    We have a convenient dinghy park to the sides of our slipway where you can permanently keep your dinghy to tender your boat on the mooring.  This is available for dinghies, small boats and kayaks etc as is charged at £95.00 per annum.  You must keep your dinghy secure at all times and you must the name clearly displayed.